Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Showcase" 謝幕

Have already finished the show for a week.
Rebecca's feeling has throw away just after the show because her life is too miserable and I can't bear it anymore.
It's not good for my health...

For my surprised, there were a lot of people love this short short short piece.
I mean surprised, it's because compare to the others, this play won't make u laugh of ur heart out and
it's very short and there are a lot of lines are overlap.
My partner and I were worry about that the audience won't understand what we are talking about...
It seems they did understand what we are saying and they are touched by that.
Hearing that, all the pain I was suffering during the preparation is worth it. It's pay off.
Thanks for all the people who love this show.
With u guys support, this show has became a good memory to me.

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